Len’s Stuff

It’s gonna be the future soon

I’m Len, and this is my web site.


I have published many of my software and hardware projects on GitHub.

Recent Projects

Modular Synth
Designs for Eurorack synthesizer modules
Op Amp Tester
Tests op amp chips to verify that they are working

Archived Projects

A computer that plays Guitar Hero and Rock Band
A toy car that drives around by itself
LED Clock
A retro LED clock made with recycled parts


RP2040 Windows Development Setup
How to set up a C/C++ development environment for the Raspberry Pi Pico and other RP2040 dev boards on Windows
RP2040 ADC Accuracy
Getting the most out of an analog-to-digital converter
My GitHub repos and gists

Software Utilities

Monitor the JPL Sentry database for asteroid impact threats. Just in case, you know?
This is my KiCad BOM plug-in. There are many like it but this one is mine.
Microsoft Visual Studio utility to automatically update a project’s version number

Other Stuff

Earthship Ark
World-building for an RPG campaign based on The Starlost
Obsidian Portal
Various RPG campaigns I’ve played
Photos of things